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Certification: USDA Organic


Tasting Note

Gamboge/white Burgundy yellow color; flawlessly clear. This aroma is marginally sweeter than the Blanco’s but like its sibling is aridly dry, vegetal, but a touch more floral, with delicate traces of cigarette tobacco, marshmallow, baked apple, white raisins; the next aromatic stage offers a rich grassiness that’s sappy and estery, with a last minute touch of bacon fat. Entry is lush, ripe, vanilla bean- and maple-like; midpalate highlights scents of honeydew melon, brown sugar, thyme and black pepper that are all underpinned by a thick viscosity. Concludes a little toasty, earthy, floral, spicy. Dazzling.
Spirit Journal Rating: 5 Stars/Highest Recommendation

 Serving Recommendations

Delicious enjoyed neat. We also love it in a classic Mai Tai or a Rum Sidecar.