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Their Story

Puerto Angel rum is handcrafted from the freshly squeezed and naturally fermented organic cane juice at the artisanal distillery located in Oaxaca Mountains. Puerto Angel is one of the few rum brands that are honored by a USDA Organic certification.

The distillery was founded in 1938 by the Krassel family, who also established their own sugarcane plantation in Oaxaca Mountains, Mexico. Puerto Angel rum is a result of a collaboration between Krassel family and Double Eagle Imports Ltd, a company that is dedicated to sourcing and growing hand crafted spirit brands produced by independently owned distilleries.

As is the case with rhum agricoles, the taste of Puerto Angel is terroir-driven. High elevations of Oaxaca Mountains and the unique combination of the weather patterns, sun exposure and microclimate of this remote area result in the distinctive, exotic distillate, which is Puerto Angel rum.

The sugar cane is hand-harvested, taken down the mountain slopes on donkeys and immediately delivered to the distillery. Because the cane juice oxidizes quickly, it is processed within 24 hours after the harvest. The extracted juice is fermented naturally and then double distilled in small batches in the pot stills. The aging is done in imported American oak barrels, sourced from Missouri.