Their Story

In 2012, Bridget Firtle founded The Noble Experiment NYC, a boutique rum distillery located in Brooklyn, New York and the birthplace of Owney’s. After several years working as an investor in the global alcoholic beverage sector for a hedge fund and observing the resurgence in the American distiller, Firtle was inspired by her own dream of bringing rum distilling back to NY. Influenced by rums from across the globe, Bridget set out to curate the best domestic ingredients and distill a truly unique, high ester content white rum using a first-boil molasses and a carefully controlled fermentation process. The rum is full of character and therefore aptly named after Owen ‘Owney’ Madden, the notorious Prohibition Era gangster that owned the Cotton Club and ran copious amounts of rum into New York from the shores of the Atlantic. Today, the distillery is home to a team of four women who have helped grow Owney’s from a NYC distributed brand, to one that is quickly expanding nationally.

Owney’s Rum is handcrafted at The Noble Experiment Distillery in Brooklyn, New York from 3 unique ingredients – New York City filtered tap water, all-natural/non-GMO/USA first-boil molasses, and proprietary yeast. Using a carefully controlled, cold fermentation, Head Distiller, Bridget Firtle, forces a successful esterification process that results in the development of banana, tropical fruits, and smokey notes. The fermented wash is then distilled in a pot-column hybrid still to a relatively low-rectification level for a white rum.