El-Dorado-LogoEl Dorado Rum, Guyana

  • Location: Guyana
  • Expressions: Superior White Rum, Superior Dark Rum, Superior White Rum, Superior Dark Rum, Spiced Rum, Cask Aged 3 Years White Rum, Cask Aged 5 Year Old Rum, Cask Aged 8 Years Old Rum, Premium 12 Year Old Rum, Special Reserve 15 Year Old Rum, Special Reserve 21 Year Old Rum, Single Barrel Rum – EHP, Single Barrel Rum – ICBU, Single Barrel Rum – PM, High Strength Rum (151 proof), Golden Rum Cream Liqueur
  • Visiting: By appointment only. To schedule a tour, contact Ms. Tamsia Clement-Jodhan: Tel: 592-600-2228; Email: tjodhan@demrum.com
  • Websitehttp://www.theeldoradorum.com

Their Story

Guyana’s Rum production goes back three centuries to the early days of cultivating sugarcane and producing all the amazing things possible with cane. Naturally, our Rums begin their life as Demerara River-grown cane, harvested twice a year. First-boil molasses serves as the foundation of our Rum-crafting process. As for distillation, this is the perfect site where old and modern come together. Our home, at Diamond Estate (the last sugar-estate in Guyana) houses four traditional stills, some of the oldest working stills in the world. Two of these are our Navy Stills, fashioned from local greenheart wood; the single and double-pot stills crafted Rum for Her Majesty’s Royal Navy for over two centuries. We are also proud to have another wooden still, a Coffey continuous still almost identical to the original patent design. Finally, our traditional stills also include a metal French 4-column still. Along with these centuries-old stills, we are also proud to have modern metal continuous stills and our new five-column, multi-pressure still.

The transformation of cane to Rum also takes place during our extensive aging process almost all of our Rums receive. We re-fashion, in our own cooperage (yes, by hand), our barrels for aging our Rum under a tropical climate, resulting in twice the angels’ share of a spirit aged in colder (or indoor and controlled) climates. Finally, our Rums are blended together to create unique expressions for each bottle. Rather than have the same Rum simply aged longer, each bottle is carefully crafted from different expressions. Thrilled to once again bring our small country’s Rums to the world, we are proud to continue perfecting the craft of Caribbean Rum for over three centuries…