donq-logo-pageDon Q, Puerto Rico

  • Location: Puerto Rico
  • Expressions: Don Q Cristal, Don Q Gold, Don Q Anejo, Don Q Gran Anejo, Don Q Limon Rum, Don Q Coco, Don Q Mojito, Don Q Pasion, Caliche Premium Aged Silver, Don Q 151
  • Visiting: Monday – Friday by appointment, except Holidays, at the Distillery (Destilería Serrallés). Phone: 1-787-840-1000. Address: Central Mercedita, Ponce, Puerto Rico


Their Story

Juan Sebastian Serralles comes to Puerto Rico in the 1820s and founds a sugarcane plantation. His son Don Juan establishes his own sugarcane plantation, Hacienda Mercedita, years later and purchases a pot still from France to distill Rum. Serralles Rum is sold for the first time in 1865. The Serralles family gains control of their exclusive water source, Rio Inabón, a pristine river whose source is the volcanic peaks of interior Puerto Rico.

Launched in 1934

In 1934, the Don Q brand is launched. The name pays homage to fictional character Don Quixote. In 1954, Don Q Rum becomes the heart of the Piña Colada cocktail at the Beachcomber Bar in San Juan and redefines this delicious cocktail. In 1998, Don Q Limon, the first flavored Rum, hits the marketplace. Today, Don Q is noted for not only its dedication to high quality Rum production but also to preserving the environment, as evidenced by its innovative waste reclamation program. Don Q may be nearly a century and a half old, but it is a company that looks to the future.