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Their Story

The Appleton Estate, the oldest sugar estate and distillery in Jamaica, is the birthplace of Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. Known for its fertile soil, the Estate is nestled in the lush, sun-drenched Nassau Valley in the parish of St. Elizabeth and includes a distillery, a sugar factory and its own crystal clear, blue water source. Since 1749, these premium, aged rums have been produced from meticulously cultivated sugar cane that is Estate-grown and harvested on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Appleton Estate Jamaica Rums deliver distinctive, rich, complex, luxurious flavors within a wide array of offerings. Appleton Estate handcrafted rums are strictly Estate-distilled using a proprietary yeast strain propagated from the sugar cane grown on the Estate, and produced through the painstaking combination of small batch copper pot and column distillation. With the ideal climate for producing rum, Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum matures in carefully selected, hand-crafted oak barrels. The process is finalized with the artful blending by Master Blender, Joy Spence – the industry’s first female Master Blender.