The Glory of Brazil

Cachaça is a unique variety of Rum made from sugarcane juice that originates only from the vast South American, sugar-producing nation of Brazil. Its origins date back to the early sixteenth century when after planting sugarcane, Portuguese settlers first fermented and then distilled sugarcane juice.

Today, Cachaça comes in two easy-to-remember types, unaged (clear and colorless) and aged (gold to topaz). Unaged Cachaça is preferred for the making of the caipirinha cocktail, a minimalist drink made from lime juice, sugar and Cachaça. Aged Cachaças are viewed in Brazil, which consumes the overwhelming majority of annual production, as sipping libations. Most aged Cachaças are matured in indigenous woods for up to three years, with some matured for as long as eight to fifteen years.

Coming on Strong in North America

With the emergence of modern Cachaça that features clean, pure flavors, Cachaça is more frequently being consumed straight in the United States. Beyond the pleasures of enjoying Cachaça as a solo performer, we think that Cachaça’s best asset is its incredible versatility as a cocktail foundation. It brings far more to the party than a neutral spirit and for this reason bartenders discovered the joys of Cachaça long ago.

Today, it is estimated that there are 4,000 brands of Cachaça, the majority of which will likely never be seen in North America.